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Umpire Program

Volunteer game day umpires for both baseball and softball are the core to the success of Ballard Little League.  Ballard Little League has opportunities for both adults who are able to donate their time and for juniors (ages 12 to 17) who are looking for community service hours or get paid. No experience is required to participate in the Ballard Little League umpire program.  Umpire training, resources and equipment are provided. 


Step 1: Complete the Volunteer Application process.  

  1. Go to the BLL Volunteer Now page.
  2. Select the program (Baseball or Softball) you want to ump for.  (choose your first choice now, but know you can decide later which games you work).  
  3. Log into your BLL account
  4. Select a division (choose your first choice now, but know you can decide later which games you work). 
  5. Scroll all the way to the right under that division and find the role "Umpire". 
  6. Complete the volunteer information form.  Junior umpires will not go through background check, but please submit a parent's ID or their student ID.

Step 2: Look for emails from Ballard Little League volunteer coordinator and head umpire regarding training opportunities.

Step 3: Your name will be added to the email list where you will find out about upcoming events and training opportunities. Equipment will be provided.

Ballard Little League and District 8 provide pre-season training for all umpires.  Clinics are offered in the areas of Little League baseball and softball rules, field mechanics, game management and umpire equipment and positioning in the one and two person umpire system. Clinic dates, times and locations will be added once they become available.

You can also find a recorded a training video of a rules clinic for BLL online here.  It is a great resource for new umpires with BLL.  


Why does Ballard Little League not pay for adult umpires?
Little League is a leadership program to teach life lessons to young people through baseball and softball.  Just as coaches and board members get involved for the benefit of the community youth as volunteers, officials have the same opportunity to be there for the benefit of the players.  BLL's goal is to make the game safe, fair and fun - in that order - and we need adults who share that goal and will always bear in mind their first responsibility is to set a great example for kids (and adults) in our community.  It is also important to show youth players that there are adults who care about the Little League and will support the players and program by donating their time.

What do I need to work a game?
Complete training. Comfortable shoes. A smile on your face. 

Can I work my child's game?
Absolutely. You get the best seat in the house to watch your kid's game. We trust that our umpires are fair and honest in all situations.

How big of a time commitment is this?
You set your own schedule. Umpiring 3 to 5 games per season is a HUGE help to the league. Ballard Little League allows you to choose the games you want based on your availability and the umpires you want to work with.

What if I don't have the gear?
You don't need much. The league will provide a hat, umpire shirt, a counter and protective gear at each field. 

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