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Jul, 2020

Batting Swing Classes Available!

Batting Classes Begin

July 19 and 20

Seattle and Bellevue

Seattle: July 19, 22, 26, 29 -- Dahl Field 
Bellevue: July 20, 23, 27, 30 -- Eastgate Park 
Open to Softball & Baseball Players ages 7-13

Recent Testimonial: 
On Sat, Jul 11, 2020 at 4:52 PM Brad… wrote: 
I want anyone who is thinking of attending, Please Do So. I took my grandson Isaiah to 3 or 4 of their camps and the experience was Awesome
Now playing college ball and still loving it. 
Thanks for all you do!!


Additional Clinics Will Be 

Added in August and September.

...Reply to Express Interest

Baseball Positive offers instruction within the area spanning from Tukwila to Snoqualmie to Arlington. Much of our decision making for where to hold the next rounds of classes is impacted by folks alerting us, expressing a desire for instruction. 
Email ([email protected]) if you would like us to hold Batting and/or Pitching Classes in your neighborhood (Pitching cannot be held until Phase 3). Please tell us the league, town or neighborhood where you live.


Info and Registration

King and Snohomish Counties are currently in Phase 2. Class groups are smaller than normal.

Space is very limited - Sign up Today!

(Descriptions of Classes are Below) 

@ Dahl Field - 7700 25th Ave NE

July 19, 22, 26, 29 (Sun, Wed, Sun, Wed) 
5:15-6:10 -- Class #1 
6:25-7:20 -- Class #2 
7:35-8:30 -- Class #3


@ Eastgate Park - 14509 SE Newport Way 
(south of the parking lot of The South Bellevue Community Center)

July 20, 23, 27, 30 (Mon, Thur, Mon, Thur)

5:15-6:10 -- Class #1 
6:25-7:20 -- Class #2 
7:35-8:30 -- Class #3



Which Class To Sign-up For?

Younger players (7-9) are encouraged to sign-up for the 5:15 or 6:25 classes. Kids ages 10-12 are encouraged to sign up for the 6:25 or 7:35 classes. The instruction is the same*; you may sign your child up for any class. Players are generally more comfortable when working among others of similar age, which is the reasoning for suggesting younger kids target earlier in the evening, and older kids target the later end of the evening.

The mechanics of the batting swing are the same whether a player is 7 years old or 27. The difference is the Teaching Approach. Teen and adult bodies are bigger and stronger while young kids don’t have the same body strength as those closer to adult size. Baseball Positive has developed a proven-effective teaching approach, specifically for the pre-teen athlete.

Safety and Physical Distancing

We have developed a safety plan in accordance with CDC and State Guidelines. Specific instructions for entering and exiting each class session, and movement during the class are provided in advance of the first session. All Baseball Positive equipment is disinfected prior to and following each session.


Program Description

Comprehensive instruction of the batting swing. The Baseball Positive teaching approach makes it easy for a young player to digest the instruction and translate it to success on the field. Players learn how to produce a consistently efficient swing and to utilize their entire body to maximize bat speed, power and swing accuracy. They learn how to ‘practice with a purpose’.

Parent’s are strongly urged to attend and observe (normally we invite parents to participate in the class and learn the teaching techniques ‘Hands-On’). The program is structured for adults to learn, 'How to Teach Batting’. The mechanics of the batting swing are quite elementary. It is simple for a parent to guide the learning process after completion of the class.

Program notes are provided prior to and following each workout. Players receive a drill plan for working out at home between classes. This aspect of the program ensures the kids continue improving each day during the program. The home workouts are short in duration and designed with the attention span of a kid in mind. equipment is needed to practice at home.

At the end of the program each participant receives a comprehensive Instruction Guide for continuing their development after completing the class. The guide includes all content taught. It includes drills, video and pictures to support all instruction.

What a great resource. Excellent help - particularly for guys that have been coaching for a while to learn the right way! 
- Todd, Coach

I definitely learned some helpful ways to talk to the kids about hitting that should keep it simple. 
- Paul, Coach

I heard multiple kids give raving reviews! …one of the kids parents later said quote, ‘your bat speed has improved by 20 percent’ …the Dad said it was clearly noticeable! 
- Quinn, Coach


Advanced Instruction

Many folks inquire about ‘advanced’ instruction. The ‘advanced’ aspect of batting is the mental and strategic aspect of batting that comes into play when pitchers are able to throw a variety of pitches with great control and a batter factors in the game situation in how they approach their time at the plate. The need for this ‘advanced’ instruction kicks in at age 14-15.

I am a former professional player and college head coach. For the past dozen years, I have worked exclusively with kids ages 12 and under. In that time I have identified the difference in how to approach instruction for kids versus that of older, stronger players (HS, College, Pro).

Regarding the approach to kids closer to age 7 versus kids closer to age 12, the variance of teaching approach is the personality of the presentation. We talk to younger kids (ages 7-8) a bit differently than older kids (ages 11-12), but the content is the same.

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